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10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

“It’s a bit of red and pink? No, it’s a mix of red, blue, and brown? No, it’s uhhh…”

That’s the description of maroon that I’ve gotten from most of my friends. This trending color has caused many a problem when it comes to its description. Often, women complain that they didn’t get the right maroon hair color done at the salon. Here’s what you need to know to avoid such a fiasco

What Exactly Is The Color Of Maroon?

Maroon is a cool-toned color. So, opt for colors that are more cool-toned – like silvers, blues, and greens. If you have warm-toned skin, you will need to consider a warmer shade of maroon that has a hint of orange, yellow, or gold.

Maroon is most often mistaken to be burgundy. Maroon is a shade of red that has a tint of brown. Burgundy, on the other hand, is a shade of red with a tint of violet. Magenta is a mix of pink and red.

Here are 10 stunning maroon hair shades to help you understand and get on board with this maroon faze.

1. Auburn Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

Auburn is my favorite shade, hands down! It has a nice warmth to it. It works perfectly when blended with maroon. It will give your hair an edgy reddish-orange tint and make it shine.

2.Hints Of Bright Red

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

As you keep staring at this lovely hair color and stunning updo, you will begin to notice slight hints of red spread all over her hair. This is to add dimension and depth to her locks to make them look thicker.

3.Deep Brown Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

Do you have naturally dark brown hair that looks so intense that it could be a thriller? Then, you are in luck! Add some light maroon to your locks to jazz them up. The deep brown adds tons of texture to the maroon, so it looks natural.

4.Maroon And Purple

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

Remember those rebellious teenage years when you wanted to (or actually did!) color your hair red? This blend of colors is the new rebel look! Relive your past glory days by going rebellious once more and stand for what you believe in.

5.Intense Reddish Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

This cool shade is perfect for the summer! It looks brilliant against the backdrop of a beach. So, plan a vacay this summer and treat yourself to a makeover. You deserve it!

6.Bright Red Tips With Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

If you have already colored your hair maroon, here’s a way to jazz it up. Highlight your maroon hair with bright red tips. This draws attention to your thick maroon locks. It also streamlines your jawline. It’s a win-win!

7.Intense Brownish Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

If you have warm or neutral-toned skin that leans towards warm, consider this shade. This maroon will look stunning in the winter or autumn as it has an earthy feel to it.

8.Pastel Pink Tinted Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

Pastel shades are all the rage right. Pastel pink, even more so. If you are on the pastel pink bandwagon, this hair color is for you. Those curls make it look even more glamorous.

9.Shocking Maroon

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

Move over electric red, say ‘hello’ to shocking maroon. Shocking maroon is a bright yet deep shade of maroon. It is perfect for a makeover after a break-up or as an act of rebellion.

10.Maroon Brown

10 Stunning Maroon Hair Colors

When you decide to color all your hair, it is a big step. So, before you plunge in, why not try out this shade? It adds a light touch of maroon to your brunette locks. You can try the same with blonde locks, which will give it a deep strawberry shade.

Maroon stands for confidence, passion, power, and strength – all the strengths of the woman of today.

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