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Abitzon 2019 Non Toxic Nail Polish Set Eco Friendly Easy Peel Off & Quick Dry Water Based Nail Polish

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About the product

  • Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly: The nail polish set is non-toxic,eco-friendly,non-irritating. There is no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP chemicals. Best choice for kids and Teens.
  • Quick Drying: Unique formula makes it dry in about 60 seconds without lamp baking.
  • Multiple changes: Rich nail polish colors allow you to adapt in any occasion,like casual affairs,night club,party,wedding etc.
  • Easy to Remove: Let your fingers soak in warm water for a while and you can easily tear the nail polish down.No need for any nail polish remover.
  • Long-lasting secret: Wash and clean hands thoroughly and then apply 2 layers of polish followed by one layer of top coat for good coverage. Lastly, wet the nails after four hours for a longer durability.

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Product description


Main Features:
☛Best choice for kids and Teens
☛Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly,Non-irritating
☛60 seconds quick drying
☛Water-Based Peelable Formulation
☛Easy to be peeled off directly
1.Apply the first layer of colored nail polish,Wait 60 seconds
2.Apply the Second Layer of Colored Nail Polish,Wait 60 seconds
Lasting secret:
♦Soak cotton pad with polish remover, Clean along the nail and surface
♦Do housework with gloves to avoid contact with water for a long time
♦Do not take a shower and wash your hair within 4 hours after you have just finished nail polish
10 Pcs Water-Based Nail Polishes Set
(10 Pcs 6ml/1.0oz nail polish )
1.Water-based nail polish keep time will be lower than gel nail polish, this is the commonality of all water-based nail polish.
2.This nail polish is not a food or drink, please avoid kids swallowed, and eyes contact.

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