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Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Fair Cool-Toned Skin

Pink undertones in your skin are a dead giveaway for cool-toned skin. This, in combination with hazel eyes, can let you pull off many different hair colors. The best thing about this skin tone is that shades from the lightest blonde to the darkest black tend to look amazing.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Fair Cool-Toned Skin

Hair Color Ideas For Hazel Eyes With Fair Cool-Toned Skin

Write about what colors are best suited for hazel eyes and fair skin, explaining each in detail.

  • Black is an excellent option for fair women with cool-toned skin and hazel eyes. The dark color creates a beautiful contrast, bringing out the green and gold flecks in your eyes.
  • Brondes, ash browns, and hazelnut browns complement a cool skin tone and bring out the golden flecks in your eyes. Browns darker than chocolate bring out the green flecks.
  • Light buttery blondes, platinum blonde, white blondes, and cool silver tones are colors that are best pulled off by fair cool-toned women. These light colors also emphasize the green in your eyes.
  • For bold colors, blue and green bases work well.

What Hair Colors To Avoid

  • Red-based colors are best avoided if you have cool skin as they can make your face look blotchy.
  • Rich golden blondes, strawberry blonde, and shades of orange do not work with this skin tone.
  • Gold-based browns do not go well with cool skin tones.


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