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Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Fair Warm-Toned Skin

If you have fair skin, the undertones in your skin determine what hair colors are likely to look good on you. Those with a warm skin tone like Mila Kunis cannot go wrong with rich yellow or red-based colors. Many different light and dark shades of hair color look good on people with hazel eyes and fair skin.

Best Hair Color For Hazel Eyes And Fair Warm-Toned Skin

Hair Color Ideas For Hazel Eyes With Fair Warm-Toned Skin

When it comes to shades of brown, warm skin tones look fabulous in rich chocolate and chestnut browns. However, brown hair can subdue the green flecks in your eyes.

For red-based colors, a dark mahogany is likely to be your best bet. Burgundy with a hint of berry is also a great color option that complements the green in your eyes.

While it is recommended to stay within a couple of shades of your natural hair color, light hair colors like rich golden blondes complement hazel eyes and fair skin extremely well.

What Hair Colors Should You Avoid

  • Ash browns can make you skin look washed out and are best avoided.
  • Avoid cool colors like platinum blonde.
  • Blue or green-based colors do not pair well with warm skin.
  • Black is best avoided on women with fair warm-toned skin.

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