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Care Cheats at Home, Using IPSA to Revitalize Skin Self-Regulation

At the beginning of 2020, where everyone can’t go out, everyone has a new height. Some people become thinner while staying at home, some become food bloggers while others stay at home, and some people’s skin becomes better. Self-disciplined home life can gain a new self. How to skin care at home in this special period is enough.

Condition the horny skin and save the delicate skin that has been “snow hidden”

I have been at home for so long from a few years ago to my face and body. Facial aging cutin will prevent skin from absorbing skincare products, causing skincare products to accumulate and form acne and acne. If the body’s keratin is not removed in time, the skin will become rough and even “chicken skin” will appear. The delicate skin is “snow hidden” by the horny skin. Quickly clean up the old skin and let us look fresh from head to toe!


Many celebrities are using clay masks, the formula is mild and does not damage the delicate skin on the face. Can remove excess keratin from the skin and adsorb deep dirt in the pores. One bottle is dual-use, and the wet face can be washed immediately after thin application and massage. It can be better to wait 5 minutes for thick application on dry skin. Click to buy on Amazon

Based on the market popularity and successful experience of clay massage masks, IPSA will focus on physical troubles this time. The new IPSA “Clay Body Scrub” series is launched, which continues the gentle formula of facial clay, which can effectively remove skin without damaging the skin. Long-term accumulation of old horny horns and clogged horn plugs smooth out the rough grain and let the body regain its luster. Click to buy on Amazon

Deep whitening, perfect time for whitening

While at home, it is really suitable for whitening. Without the daily interference of ultraviolet rays, whitening has become easier than before. But whitening work still requires long-term patience. In March, she didn’t care for skin and in June she was sad. , From now on, insist on whitening, and summer can definitely become a white light.

Care Cheats at Home, Using IPSA to Revitalize Skin Self-Regulation

IPSA has launched a new “Ice Milk Foam White” *, a cool whitening mousse. The texture of the mousse uses a new cooling foam technology that not only cools the skin but also removes keratin. Use before the toner can promote subsequent skin care products . The addition of whitening ingredients blocks melanin production from the source, overcomes pigmentation, acne marks, and restores your original flawless skin.Click to buy on Amazon

Care Cheats at Home, Using IPSA to Revitalize Skin Self-Regulation

As the age grows, the keratin gradually becomes cloudy, the skin is no longer transparent, and the complexion looks dull and yellow. Whitening is not only white but also transparent. IPSA Whitening Essence can promote the expulsion of melanin from the skin, improve the transparency of the stratum corneum, and make the skin look translucent and shiny. The moisturizing texture moisturizes the skin while whitening, keeping the skin supple and supple.Click to buy on Amazon

Self-discipline skin care, do not let the skin stay with you all night

Do n’t think that you do n’t need to clean and care without going out and making up your skin. Staying up late, eating irregularly, and swiping your phone for a long time to play a computer can cause disordered skin, dark yellow, acne, and irritability. Consistent use of water after daily cleaning can effectively condition the skin, replenish moisture and maintain stability.

Excellent skin is obtained through daily self-discipline skin care. Take advantage of the time when your home is at home and harvest a new one when the spring blooms.


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