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DIY-Half Moon Glitter Nails

The reverse French nails trend is so in right now! This modern twist to the traditional French manicure is very simple to do. All you need is a contrasting secondary color at the base of your nails, and it only takes about three steps to accomplish.

Half Moon Glitter Nails

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Push back your cuticles as the half-moon shape will rest near them.
Step 2: Apply two coats of your preferred nail color and allow it to dry completely.
Step 3: Use a rounded band-aid that’s not too sticky and place it over the bottom of your nail, so it forms a half moon shape at the base of your nail.
Step 4: Paint this area with a fine glitter nail polish, and once you’re done, carefully remove the band-aid.


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