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DIY-Ombre Glitter Nails

Shine bright like a diamond with these ombre glitter nails. It’s easy to recreate this look at home, and you can also customize it with your preferred base color. This design will amp up your nail game and take it to a whole new level of glamor. Here’s how you can do this.

Ombre Glitter Nails

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Paint your nails with two coats of your base nail polish and allow it to dry. We’ve used OPI’s ‘Sweetheart’ for our base.
Step 2: Apply a thin coat of fine glitter polish on all your nails.
Step 3: Once it dries, apply the chunkier glitter nail polish only from the edge to the mid-point of your nail, creating an ombre effect.
Step 4: Finish with a top coat.


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