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DIY-Peach-Toned Gold Glitter Nails

This design looks straight out of Tumblr! If you’re a fan of soft colors, this nail art design is feminine and guaranteed to bag you a ton of compliments. This one’s so right for summer or spring. Here’s how you can recreate this design.

Peach-Toned Gold Glitter Nails

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Paint your index finger and thumbnail with two coats of peach nail polish.
Step 3: Paint your ring and little fingernail with two coats of gray nail polish.
Step 4: Apply two coats of a fine gold glitter polish on your middle fingernail.
Step 5: Use scotch tape to create the triangle at the nail bed of your ring fingernail by placing two pieces of scotch tape diagonally across each other. Paint this area with your glitter polish.
Step 6: Finally, finish all the nails off with a top coat.


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