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DIY-Purple And Silver Summer Glitter Nails

This design reminds us of all things nice! If you’re looking for glitter nail designs for spring or summer, this is a big hit with basically any pastel shade of nail polish. Isn’t it just so soft and pretty?

Purple And Silver Summer Glitter Nails

DIY Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Paint all your nails (except your ring fingernails) in a pastel purple shade of polish.
Step 2: Apply the chunkiest silver glitter polish to your ring fingernail – two coats should do the trick.
Step 3: Apply a gel-finish top coat to secure the polish, and you’re done.

Doing your nails can be calming and therapeutic. Try spending a lazy Sunday afternoon giving yourself a gorgeous manicure and see for yourself. We hope this post inspires the nail junkie in you


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