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Many People Can Expect to See This Face Cream Everywhere This Year

Many People Can Expect to See This Face Cream Everywhere This Year

Augustinus Bader never had any intension of creating a skincare brand for consumers. Ironically, the medical professional who has spent over 30 years researching clinical developments in stem cell science, became the skincare world’s BFF (and his singular product, a cult-classic) in less than 12 months. And you can expect that popularity to continue to grow right through 2019.

He didn’t do it through Instagrammable packaging, a cute name, or an affordable price-tag, but by creating a face cream, simply dubbed The Cream, that actually does what thousands of brands have been trying to do (or claiming to do) for decades: make your skin heal faster and look younger.

“I had never considered launching a consumer skincare brand,” Bader reveals. “My experience is as a physician and as a research scientist. When I met Charles Rosier [the brand’s co-founder], I was working on a treatment to create scar-free healing in children suffering from severe burns. I was also developing treatments for patients with diabetic wounds, as well as other stem cell-based treatments.”

After finding it challenging to secure funding for the clinical trials he needed to bring a wound gel to the market, his co-founder suggested raising awareness to his work and funding those trials another way: by launching a skincare range.

“Essentially, the only reason the Augustinus Bader brand exists is to achieve those objectives,” he says.

But in under a year, the brand, which only includes two versions of the same $265 cream, also garnered a cult of followers, including celebrities like Victoria Beckham, consumers, and beauty editors who swear by its hydrating and restorative properties. In fact, the entire InStyle beauty team is hooked.

“I can’t get enough of this cream,” Dianna Mazzone, InStyle’s beauty editor, says. “Every pro I talk to, from facialists to makeup artists, seems to agree. It makes my skin look brighter and far more even-toned. When I only have time to slather on a single product, I can feel good about using this do-it-all cream.”

The cream’s hero ingredient is a patented “Trigger Factor Complex,” which is what’s responsible for reducing the signs of aging and repairing damage caused by environmental stressors. The “Rich” version of the cream is simply a more hydrating formula made with argan, avocado, and evening primrose oils. However, the $265 price-tag doesn’t guarantee immediate results. Like any skincare product, you have to commit to judge fairly.
“Cell turnover takes 27 days, so results of the Augustinus Bader creams are most evident after that period of time,” Bader explains. “Although, we do know that the skin appears more hydrated, luminous, and texture is improved within the first few days of using the product.”

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