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More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers board this $13 waterproof eye shadow primer

More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers board this  waterproof eye shadow primer

Customers claim it works better than primers from popular brands like Urban Decay and Nars.

This story originally appeared on InStyle.com by Christina Butan.

You’ve probably experienced the struggle of wearing eyeshadow on a hot day: It starts to sweat off and fade, leaving you with slight remnants of what was once a super cute look. Talk about frustrating. Whether you wear eyeshadow daily or save it for special events, it’s never fun to have your makeup disappear within a few hours of applying it. That’s why Amazon customers are obsessed with this lightweight, $13 eyeshadow primer that they claim works perfectly — and some have even said that it’s forever earned a spot in their makeup routines.

The Thank Me Later eye primer from Elizabeth Mott is made with a special waterproof pearl powder that controls excess oil on your eyelids, helping your eye makeup stay put all day long. The quick-drying, non-oily formula can also even out skin tone and brighten the pigment in your eyeshadow to make it more vibrant. The cruelty-free primer comes in a super cute pink tube, and is actually inspired by Korean beauty. Alice Kim, Elizabeth Mott’s founder, is Korean-American, and says she was inspired to create “a line of cosmetics sourced from innovative Korean factories” after realizing many people who loved K-beauty products were unfamiliar with the brands or where to purchase the products.

More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers board this  waterproof eye shadow primer

To buy: $13; amazon.com

Amazon shoppers who have discovered the primer are hooked on it — over 2,200 customers have left it a perfect five-star review, and it’s even a best-seller in Amazon’s foundation primers category. Customers say it goes on smooth and really does last all day.

“I am an AVID Nars eye primer fan, and have been for years. My eyelids are oily and I always had mascara transfer issues until I started using the Nars primer. I have tried every eye primer on the market, and nothing had ever compared to it — UNTIL THIS. I am shocked that a product, on Amazon from an unknown to me company, for only $13, blows Nars out of the water,” wrote one shopper. “I love this stuff. It feels good, dries quickly, colorless, only takes a small amount, lasts all day (I work 12 hour shifts, so that’s 16 hours in makeup at least.) I don’t know what else I can say about this product other than I am shocked and will now be a die hard fan.”

Plus, you may actually be getting a two-in-one product — tons of customers who put the Thank Me Later primer to the test discovered it works just as well as an eyebrow primer, too. “It makes my eyebrows go from lasting about two to three hours to lasting 24–28 hours without any shine, and even noticeably less issues with accidental rubbing off. I joke that it’s magic in a bottle.”

If you find your eyeshadow is always creased (or completely gone) by midday — or if you’re headed to a few outdoor weddings this season — you’ll probably want to grab a tube of this long-lasting product to keep your makeup in tact through all of your summer plans.

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