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Polka Dotted Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial

Polka dots are always so much fun! If you’re ever having a dull day, all you need to know is look at your confetti-style nail art and I’m sure it’ll pump you right up! Who knew a bunch of colorful dots could make so much of difference? It’s super easy so make sure to try it!

Polka Dotted Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial

You Will Need

  • White nail polish
  • Various nail polish colors of the rainbow
  • Toothpick

This may be what you need –>> click here

Polka Dotted Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Start with a white base.
  2. Dip a toothpick in blue nail paint and create different sized polka dots.
  3. Continue to do this for the other colors.
  4. Once that is done and you are happy with how it looks, seal it with a top coat.


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