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Summer is suitable for dyeing what color hair looks good

What color is suitable for dyeing in summer? In the hot summer, many people want to change into a beautiful and refreshing hair color. The effect of hair color on our face value is very important. Good-looking hair color will make the whole person look more temperament.

Summer is suitable for dyeing what color hair looks good

What color is suitable for dyeing hair in the summer of 2019?

First: silver gray

Like such a color like a fairy hair color, perhaps many sister papers feel that they can’t control it at all, but because of this unique color, they have also captured a lot of true love powder. It is not too much to say that it is a fairy hair color. This hair color is very shallow and very light silver gray, and it is a sense of sight of a comic girl! The girl with cold white skin can easily control it!

Second: Amber brown hair color

In 2019, the most popular hair color for girls, in addition to the above one, Aoki Brown hair color is also very popular and sought after, very suitable for spring and summer colors, such a hair color is neither a strong attack Sex, it doesn’t seem to be artificial, but it will reveal a mysterious coolness. No matter what temperament you are, it will become more delicate in an instant.

Third: amber brown hair color

An Ishihara Rimi’s  hair color looks very gentle and sweet, but in fact it reveals a sense of distance, which is perhaps its fascinating place. Spring and summer of 2019 is very popular, and it is a white color.

Fourth: dirty orange

So high-profile and eye-catching dirty orange, really not the average person can control, but as one of the popular hair color in 2019, it is also highly sought after by many girls ~ ~ ya with the same color, dyed on the gas field has two Mi Ba, go to the nightclub, Judi’s best hair color, the whole scene is your most shiny! No girl with high face value, skin is not white, I still do not recommend you to dye, of course, if you are confident enough Then just casual!

Fifth: black brown

I don’t know when it started to be very popular black tea color, until the spring and summer of 2019 is also a lot of powder, low-key fashion and white hair color, almost not very picky, no matter what kind of hairstyle you choose, it can always Presented in the most natural way, there is a kind of pure sense of sight, probably the reason why it has been impossible to refuse.

Summer is suitable for dyeing what color hair looks good

Age-reducing and white hair color

1. orange tune brown

Orange hair color was very popular last winter, and the bright orange color is very suitable for the cold season, and it has become a bright spot in the snow scene. Many stars have also dyed very white oranges, such as Blackpink Lisa, which was recently selected as the first beauty in Asia. However, the color of the orange color is still somewhat difficult to control for ordinary people, and it is not suitable for daily life. It is always out of place to go to work or go to school. This spring, the orange color hair color has come back, the difference is that this orange color adds a little brown, so that the whole hair color looks natural and white!

2. Maple sugar brown

From the name of this hair color, this hair color is a combination of maple leaf color and brown color, which creates a fairy hair color with a smoked matte finish. The maple leaf color is actually reddish, and then slightly brown with some matte texture. It is a cool, matte brown and coffee tones that are absolutely white, because brown does not pick the skin, no matter what the skin is. If your skin is yellowish, dyeing this hair color can also help to modify the skin tone, making your whole person look white more than once! And this hair color is not the same indoors and outdoors, under the sun It will show super beautiful luster and transparency, definitely the color of the fairy that will be dyed this year!

3. Coffee Rose

This hair color has been popular from last year to this year. I believe that no girl will not like the beautiful pink of such a girl. But like it is like, it is another thing to be suitable for dyeing this hair color. And pink is a hair color that is a brighter color. If the skin is not white enough, it will be a disaster. This spring popular coffee rose is a very romantic and gentle hair color. Coffee Rose is a hair color that contains pink and brown, which can reveal the sweetness and exquisite temperament of girls. It is suitable for all skin colors due to the addition of brown color, and it does not seem to be very unfeeling even without makeup.

4. The fog is gray and black

When it comes to fairy hair color, then the natural black that is most suitable for Asians is absolutely indispensable. It’s just that black is too common. Although it can make people look more white, it will still look dull and dull! If you are dyed for the first time, you want to choose a good-looking and low-key hair color; or you are tired of pudding. Head, don’t want to spend money every month to make up the color, then this fog is gray is definitely your best choice! Add the lifeless black to the cold foggy gray, neutralize the black dull feeling. Plus the relationship of fog and hair color will give people a kind of beauty, but also more white!

Suitable for summer dyed hair color

What color is good in summer? I recommend everyone to try the brown color, all kinds of skin color are suitable, especially the yellow skin, super white!

Yellow muscle: avoid yellowish, green brown

Maple sugar red brown

What the yellow muscles must avoid is yellow and green that will make the skin yellowish. Like this slightly reddish brown, there is a yellowish white effect, which is super suitable for yellow muscle!

Berry brown

In addition to the red tint, the purpleish tint is also a good fit to modify the yellowish complexion to make the complexion look brighter.

Healthy complexion: light brown is easy to black

Black brown

The brown color with chocolate dark brown tone not only modifies the healthy complexion, but also makes the hair look very textured! The other advantage is that the darker color does not have to worry about the pudding growing out, it can last for a long time!

Baked milk tea

If you don’t want the heavy feeling of black hair, this baking milk tea color is very suitable! It looks like black hair, but in the sun, it has a little more milk tea color, which will make the hair become very light and fluffy air!

Healthy skin tone is also white

If you want to dye a light brown color, it is recommended to add a highlight design. It is also recommended to discuss with the designer that the brightness is not too high, and it will basically modify the skin color!

White complexion: all browns are suitable for avoiding light brown

Caramel brown

Although the skin color is suitable for dyeing, but it will look too pale and bloodless if you are not careful, so the warm yellow color like caramel tea can just modify the pale complexion and make your face look better!

Smoked brown

This kind of easy-to-black matte smoked brown color can only be controlled by white enamel, but it is easy to avoid too light and too pale.

The smoked brown color is also yellowish

Matte smoked brown If the yellow muscle wants to dye, it is recommended to discuss with the designer that the brightness is not too bright, the color is not too light, like the grayish smoky brown color is very white!

Summer is suitable for dyeing what color hair looks good

Dirty orange to drift?

Light hair color is generally bleached, bleaching is more harmful to the hair, but dirty orange because the color is brownish red, so do not need to float before dyeing, the hair damage is very small. Many hair loss girls worry that they can toss their hair bald. For example, this can be directly dyed, without bleaching, and the color of the hair can be kept longer. However, if you want a more thorough dirty orange, you still need to dye, after all, the color of the bleached dye is not disturbed by the ground color, more accurate. The time of bleaching and dyeing is relatively short (waxing can extend the fixing color), there will be faded period, but the dirty orange is also very nice after fading, and it is more yellow. If you want to dye dirty orange at this time, you can directly dye the hair. Root, the underlying hair does not need to be dyed to create a gradual feeling. Xing Ma’s hair color is the following very shallow dirty orange, similar to the product of flamingo powder + orange, looking very dreamy. However, to dye this color, you need to float the hair very shallow to form.

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