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Top 5 Orly Nail Polishes and Swatches

Top 5 Orly Nail Polishes and Swatches

Orly was a company started in 1975 and have been in the business for more than 33 years. Their nail care products have been preferred by manicurists for nail strength, adhesion, wearability, dry time and shine. They are also attributed with the creation of the French Manicure, one of the hottest nail trends all over the world. The nail polish bottles have an award winning Gripper Cap. This rubber cap provides ease in opening and application, which is exclusive to Orly products. All the Orly nail polishes are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

1.Orly Purple Pleather

Orly Purple Pleather

Now this is something exciting. Purple Pleather is a part of the Plastix collection. It is a bright purple polish that dries up to give a finish somewhat similar to plastic. Never heard of this type before, but I love the final look. Requires two coats.

Details –>> Click here

2.Orly Gilded Coral

Orly Gilded CoralGlided Coral is a neutral polish with a twist. It is a beautiful peach – pink shade with lots of gold shimmer in it. Perfect shade when you do not want too much color. Requires two coats.

Details –>> Click here

3.Orly Fancy Fuchsia

Orly Fancy Fuchsia

Bright, bright pink polish in a creme finish. Sort of looks like a bright bubblegum. This one is the perfect pink to be worn in summers. Requires two coats.

Details –>> Click here

4.Orly First Kiss

Orly First Kiss

First Kiss is a light peachy – pink color in a creme finish. As the name suggests, quite a romantic color. Perfect when you do not want much color on your nails. This will also look pretty as a base for a french manicure. Requires two coats.

Details –>> Click here

5.Orly Crush on You

Orly Crush on You

If you love orange polishes but are afraid of the color being too bold, this shade is the perfect answer. Crush on You is a muted orange that will suit almost everyone. The color reminds me of a mango. Requires two coats.

Details –>> Click here

So, the above are top 5 orly nail polish shades you can definitely try

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