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Turquoise Nail Art Tutorial

Turquoise stones are one of the oldest stones known to humankind. It’s a rock that was popular among shamans and talismans. It was always used for protection, peace, and healing. It’s also very breathtaking. So how about turquoise stone inspired nails?

Turquoise Nail Art

What You Will Need

  • Turquoise nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton swab

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  1. Paint all your nails turquoise blue.
  2. In a bowl of water place a few drops of black nail polish.
  3. Move the bowl around so that the nail polish spreads.
  4. Then, spray some rubbing alcohol into the bowl.
  5. It should look shattered and separated as shown.
  6. Dip your nails one by one into the bowl.
  7. Clean up any nail polish that made its way onto your skin with some nail polish remover and a cotton swab.
  8. Seal your turquoise nail art with a top coat, and you’re all set!


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