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Two Classic DIY Nail Art Tutorial



  • Choose a base color. Apply 1-2 coats of the nail color of your choice.
  • Apply the second color. Instead of going all the way to the base of the nail, start applying this color three-quarters of the way down. Sweep the color up, but don’t extend it out all the way to each side. You should be able to see the base color all around. It’s best to do this step in one coat so choose an opaque cream lacquer.
  • Finish with top coat. Allow the polish to dry before applying top coat to avoid smudging the colors. We love the high shine of the Seche Vite Top Coat we used here.



  1. Apply a base color. Apply two coats of any opaque cream polish.
  2. Make the dot. Grab a dotting tool or one end of a bobby pin and dip it into a small amount of polish. With a steady hand, carefully press the tool down at the base of the nail. Make contact with the nail just once and then lift the tool directly up from that spot.
  3. Finish with top coat. A quick swipe of clear polish will really make your single dot manicure shine.

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